01/08/10 – Edge – Toyota Center – Houston, TX

The SWA starts off the new year with some EDGE! As always, we’re bringing the entertainment to all new levels and STRAIGHT to your living room! We start the night off with a triple threat! Cody vs. Damien Stivers vs. Mark Ventor. All three guys need to prove something! Damien wants to send a message to Judas, Cody needs to prove that he is in fact learning from his mistakes and Ventor HAS to prove he’s back on the path to greatness. Question is, which one will prevail!? Meanwhile Joe Dick is on a rather wreckless path to somewhere. He’s definitely gotten the attention of our commissioner and she’s dishing out punishement. Joe is forced to face The Miller Brothers in a handicap match! Will Joe get what he deserves or will he show Ally he’s just one step ahead of her? Then veteran in a new company takes on the rookie in a classic match. Lance King faces off against Scott Calhoun and we just have to wonder which one wants it more? The vet trying to re-establish his legacy and get one last good run or the rookie who is only beginning his path to greatness! Then up next, Thomas Von Karstein, the vampire, takes on the ever outspoken and slimy Billy Tallant. The war of words seemed a little heated and we’re sure the match will be too! In our main event, Simon Kayne teams up with Calypso to take on the Wicked Clowns. Will Calypso get Allister back or will he come up empty handed? Furthermore if he does will he blame Simon Kayne? Find out by watching Edge!