01/15/16 – Friday Night Edge – Skyfall Arena – Columbus, OH

Tonight on Edge, Brandon Cole and the Skyfall Commissioner team up to take on Demolition of Destruction. Will DOD be dealt with or will Brandon along with his best friend fail to take down the two who mercilessly took down his former tag partner? Mr. Xtra returned at the first Edge of the new year and while he didn’t win the lamp, he has seemed to turn over a new leaf. He faces off against Steve Evans, who has also turned over a new leaf. One that has many people in Skyfall raising their eyebrow. Grave says that he’s going to destroy Billy Tyne before his match with James Carson at New Year’s Evolution and yet Billy is not scared. Will Billy actually send a message to James Carson before their Grave Danger match? Finally in our main event, Abby Roads finally gets the Siren’s Championship match she felt she deserved.

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