02/26/16 – Friday Night Edge – Skyfall Arena – Columbus, Ohio

The big question tonight is does Steve Evans ACTUALLY have a tag partner for the main event or will he face Brandon Cole and Abby Roads alone? Grave needs to gain some momentum heading into his match at Bloodsport against Abby Roads. The potential for Skyfall to have the Siren’s Championship as the big division is high as the monster hasn’t been faring well against the female Skyfall fighters. Will he beat Evangeline who has been a big thorn in the side for the women’s division here? Saul Maverick is set to face the ever cocky and yet at the same time apathetic Drew Donovan. Donovan seems to feel Saul wasn’t going to show up but the Anarchy champion DID show up. Will Donovan face another loss here or will he gain a big win that will once again launch him into title contention that he doesn’t really seem to care for? All that plus Jordan King receives punishment at the hands of the commissioner himself for his lackluster debut.

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