03/11/16 – Friday Night Edge – Skyfall Arena – Columbus, OH

Tonight on Edge there are TWO non-title matches. First we have Saul Maverick who has been a bit sketchy lately with his performance since winning the Anarchy Championship against Steve Evans. Then later on we have our Skyfall Champion in action against Betty Roads, the sister of his opponent for Bloodsport. This is Grave’s LAST chance to send a message to the Siren’s Champion before they step into the ring and battle it out for which title stays in the company! James Carson also makes his return and he’s up against the former tag team partner of the man he stabbed in the back. James seems to think that Billy might be a factor. Question is will he? All that plus in our main event, Brandon Cole looks to get some revenge on Jerry Sheppard who handcuffed him to the ring last Edge!

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