11/20/09 – Edge – Pepsi Center – Denver, CO

Tonight’s Edge hosts probably the most mismatched tag match in SWA history. The strange team of Thomas Carmichael and The Bread Zombie face off against Jerry Sheppard and Damien Stivers. Our newest visually impared roster member takes on the returning Cody. Roxy Lang takes on Hell Cat, fresh from her loss against Stephanie Frost. Will this cat land on her feet? Friend of AJ Angel, Persephone Waters takes on Russell Brown. Will AJ’s actions against Russell have any effect here? Xander faces off against Korgoth. Will Korgoth get back on track? In our main event, Waldo takes on Simon Kayne. Will this man who has been unstoppable continue to be that way going in to Frequency and his match with Brian Sasso? Find out by watching Edge!