The Skyfall Wrestling Alliance was founded by Kristen Brown in September of 2005.  Kristen was once a top star in the IWF (Insane Wrestling Federation).  When the IWF closed it’s doors, many including Kristen sought out other feds for employment.  While everyone else found a happy home wherever they happened to be, Kristen felt restless and ill at ease with any fed she joined.  No matter what she did, it just didn’t feel like home.  Her state of unrest caused problems in her marriage with the infamous IWF superstar Simmy Psychotic and she eventually found herself signing divorce papers.

After the divorce proceedings were over, Kristen moved back to Ohio and began working with talent from the Columbus music scene.  She spent a year working as a booking agent and promoter for many of the popular bands in Columbus.  This kept the restlessness at bay for a few months, but the ring still beckoned.  Finally Kristen took her earnings as well as part of the divorce settlement and began construction of the Skyfall Arena.

In late October, UPN dropped SWA programming due to an FCC violation.  Neck deep in lawsuits from the FCC and from UPN, Kristen handed over the SWA to her protege, Crystal Pierce.  They buried the bad blood between each other and signed the papers on November 24, 2005.

Or so we all thought… Kristen was secretly biding her time organizing a revival of the IWF, using former IWF superstars in the SWA.  They formed and invaded, battering the SWA roster for three months!  Finally one of their own turned on them and the IWF once again collapsed.

Skyfall has since had a torrid history.  Friends have become enemies, loyalists have turned their backs and opportunists have taken over and fallen repeatedly.  Through it all, the company has stood tall and will continue to do so.  Why?  Because of fresh thinking, the incredible amount of talent on the roster and the fact that there are no gender lines in this company.