Directly From The Desk Of Reynolds:

Reynolds’ Funhouse.

Seeing as people continue to complain about the matches I set even while using the Wheels of Deals and leaving it all up to fate, I’ve decided to show you all the kind of matches that I would plan for you of my own free will. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have in creating them, I’d also like you all to remember, in the words of my dear friend Sirus Shade, you have any complaints, you can blow them out your collective asses.

Thomas von Karstein vs. Cody – Spork Fight

Sebastian Starr vs. Jack Sabbath – Panties on a Pole

Sonya Marx vs. Raven Woods – Wenches Walk The Plank

Claire Pure vs. Dusty Malone – Blindfolded House of Mirrors

Brandon Cole vs. Sirus Shade – Reynolds’ Funhouse




Dictated but not read.