Boistrous in Boise

Friday Night Edge is live from the Quest arena in Boise, Idaho, and we kick things off with Joseph Light taking on Billy Kronik. Both of these wrestlers need to work, so we’re giving them a chance to work on each other. After that, Ian McNamara takes on Reynolds. Barring his match at Aggression which is as yet undecided, Reynolds could really use the win. Will he be able to pull it off against the inexperienced Ian? Then, Shane Evans takes on Veronica Rodriguez. She wants to face men, that’s fine. We’ll see how she handles one who has proven himself to be one of the toughest, if not the smartest. James Lightening makes his in-ring return then against Riz. On ITSC this week, Riz told me he could take on anyone, and win. Well? Can he? And last but not least, Sensei Shredder cashes in the clause when he takes on Samantha Grimm. The Xtreme title is on the line for this one, so you’ll want to be tuned in to SWA TV. It’s Edge, and it’s live on Friday Night. See ya there.