Edge hits you in the Dome

This week, we come to you from a land down under. Edge in Sydney, Australia. We’ll start off the night with the former STC star Ally Daniels taking on Jess Ster, who we haven’t seen in the ring for a while now. How will Ally take this woman with a most strange attitude? Then, Tobais Cutshaw takes on Joseph Light. We’ll see of Tobais has a song for this aggressive competitor. Then, we see the challenge made by Thomas Von Karstein answered as he takes on Sensei Shredder. Could we see a Vampire taking on a Beast? After that, the in-ring return of Roach of the Unholy Two as he takes on the impressive rooky Andy Madrox. Following that, we’ll see if Simon Kane can add another W to his record as he takes on Sirus Shade. I don’t think Sirus will stand for it, so that’s sure to be good. And lastly, the SWA Anarchy Championship is on the line as Riz takes on Rachel Drake, who by all accounts never actually lost the belt. Will she get it back, or will Riz prove just why he is champion? It’s gonna be a great show to follow up Maelstrom. Tune into SWA TV this Friday!