SWA hits the Scott in St. Louis

No, the Scott hasn’t actually returned, and no, we have no intentions of hitting him. At least, not now. But we are live from the Scott Trade Center in St. Louis, Missouri this week, and we have a whole slew of exciting matches, two of which are direct results of Bloodsport. First up, Brian Sasso takes on Andy Madrox. How does the cocky Sasso treat new SWA talent? We’ll find out here. Next, Kyla Jenson takes on Claire Pure after making something that vaguely resembled a challenge during Bloodsport. How will the serious stylings of Claire match up with the uh… other stylings of Kyla? Following that, Aaron Marshal versus Roger Miller. Will Roger be able to score himself a much needed singles victory for his team? Then Russell Brown takes on Brandi, and after the brief peak into Brandi’s personality we all got on SWA TV, one can’t expect a man with Russell Brown’s history toward women to be treated well by her. Shredder takes on Tsuyoshi Dai in what is sure to be an explosive Martial Arts competition for the ages. Who really is the better Martial Artist? How hurt are these two following the battle royal? And lastly, Evan Lightning Montez takes on Sirus Shade. Can the relative newcomer to the SWA stand up against the more-than-seasoned veteran of not only the SWA, but of fighting in general? Tune into Friday Night Edge… And maybe you’ll see us hit someone else.