The Strange Departure of Mr. Xtra & James Carson

Late last week, both James Carson and Mr. Xtra Xavier Lee requested a leave of absence from the company. This comes only days away from Carson’s big match with Billy Tyne that was set up by Grave’s last wish.

Grave was unavailable for comment.

“This definitely forces our hand a bit.” said Skyfall owner Sarah Diasmae. “Regardless of the fact no reason was given for either of them, they are out for two months maybe more and we have a spot on a show that needs to be filled.”

Sarah quickly filled that spot by re-signing former multi-time Skyfall Xtreme Champion, Ciara Winters.

“Ciara was the only logical choice. The Xtreme Tag Division failed. Nobody wants to work together in a long term capacity. What I was going to do was bring back the Xtreme Championship and I still intend to do that.”

Changes have already been made as we post this. Management has sent out a memo saying that Ciara will take James Carson’s spot against Billy Tyne at New Year’s Evolution and that the match will be for the Xtreme Championship.

More details as they become available.